Goodwin Composites

GOODWIN has earned a very good rapport with all the major companies presently operating in the State of Qatar. The Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe is a composite material consisting of a thermosetting polymer, often a type of polyester, reinforced with glass or other fibre. Glass fibre provides strength and stiffness to the composite material. The different types of resins used for the manufacturing of GRP, GRV and GRE Pipes are Isophthalic resin, Vinyl ester resin and Epoxy resin respectively, which are selected according to the required properties like chemical resistance, temperature resistance and mechanical properties. The properties of GRP Pipes can be varied by changing the ratio of the raw materials and also by changing the winding angle.

Anti-corrosion coating for all kinds surface

We involve in environmental projects that include raw water pipelines, water treatment plants, waste water collection and treatment plants, solid waste disposal plants, hydropower stations, thermal power stations, water transmission tunnels, roads and highways, elevated expressways, industrial plants, high office buildings and residential condominiums, hotels, marine works, ports, jetties, airports, sewerage water and domestic water treatment plants etc.,


Toxic Corrosion Resistance, Impervious to Bacteriological growth, Use in all climates and exposure to sunlight, High Strength to-weight ratio, Long life, Easy application, Pleasing appearance, In-Situ Lining with GRP can be done at temperature unlike rubber linings, which require vulcanizing.

little maintenance and ease of repair. This in-situ Linings offers excellent physical strength and in general much better impact, it has capacity to withstand temperatures up to 80°C in most our pplications. No rusting, peeling or flaking even under the most aggressive conditions in any part of the world.

High Impact Resistant & Elastic
Returns to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion within recommended allowable loads. High glass content, continuous reinforcement and Lining application give extremely high strength and stiffness than other engineering plastic.

Superior UV Protection
Our integral UV protection system gives long-term shield against the damaging effects of UV rays.

Non-Conductive & Non-Interfering
Complies international electrical safety specification. Allows transmission of radio waves.

Low Thermal Conductivity & Expansion Rate
Will not transfer heat unlike metal. - No problem of expansion under heat.

Easy To Joint
These permanent joints are, which consist of a laminate of glass fibre mat and tissue with resin. Predominantly use directly at job site, these types of joints guarantees safe and long-lasting connections that accommodate all axial strengths.

Electrical Insulation
Better design advantages through excellent dielectric properties.

Thermal Insulation
High strength and insulating values

Corrosion Resistance
Can withstand Harsh elements and environments. No rusting, peeling or flaking even under the most aggressive conditions in any part of the world. GRP being a non permeable material completely eliminates the chances of concrete soaking the harmful, highly acidic/alkaline discharges of the sewerage system and thereby ensures protection of concrete from chemical corrosion which ultimately contributes to the longer life span of the entire area.

Electromagnetic Transparency
Greater frequency freedom of movement for radio waves and microwaves

Much Stronger Bond to Concrete Surface
Seams can be avoided and thereby safer protection afforded and very little maintenance and ease of repair.

Moulded Gratings
  • Chemical & Corrossion Resistant
  • Weather Proof
  • Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Long-term Performance

GOODWIN structural molded gratings profile shapes include equal angle, flat bars and cross sections etc. These structural shapes are used in a wide range of applications, offering a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal & electric non–conductivity. Isophthalic & Vinyl ester resins are available in Standard GOODWIN molded gratings as per different environments.

Fibre reinforcement in roving or chopped standard mat / roving forms are drawn through a resin bath to coat each fiber with a specially formulated resin mixture. The coated fibre is then drawn through a heated die. Cure of thermosetting resin is initiated by heat in the die and catalyst in the resin mixture. The rate of reaction is controlled by the heating and cooling zones in the die. The resulting high strength profile is cut to length, ready to use as it leaves the molding machine.


  • Anti-slip floor
  • Stair tread
  • Foot bridge
  • Operation platform
  • Trench cover
  • Security & safety fence Handrail
  • Off-shore oil rig
  • Shipyard
  • Shipping deck
  • Ceiling
  • Ramp ladder
  • Scaffold
  • Railway
  • Decorative grid
  • Man-made fountain pool grid

The use of high strength E-glass roving reinforcement, molded to form a square mesh gratings panel, produces a strong flooring system suitable for safe pedestrian traffic on a wide range of spans.

Molded grating provides an efficient and cost effective solution for flooring, walkways and decking areas requiring long-term performance in very aggressive and corrosive environments. Constructed from glass reinforced thermoset resins, our molded grating is an excellent choice to replace conventional steel and aluminum flooring systems in such aggressive environments.

Composites molded fiberglass grating is manufactured using high strength fiberglass roving mat and a range of premium grade thermosetting resins. A high resin content of nominally 65%-70% provides durability and maintenance free performance in corrosive environments.

Our Composites molded grating is available with an integral cover bonded to the top surface and finished with a tough quartz anti-slip surface.

GRP construction profiles have a polyester resin matrix reaching a glass content of 65%. The profiles could be produced with vinyl ester or phenolic matrix or with self-extinguishing properties. Standard colors are grey, white or yellow

The standard panel sizes of the GRP gratings are as per the international standard sizes of the mold, the sizes of the mold are 3660 mm length with 1220mm width. The gratings thickness and mesh opening will change upon the requirement. GRP Gratings can be fabricated (size and shape) upon the project specifications, but the maximum width & length will only be as mentioned above. If Gratings length or width is required above than the panel sizes, the gratings can be joined using stainless steel accessories with additional load support.

GRP construction profiles can additionally have a surface veil to provide resin rich surface. The profiles are UV-resistant and weather proof. GRP Profiles systems are available as preassembled modules.

Pulturated Sections Ladders, Handrails & Platforms
  • Low Maintaining Cost
  • Fire Resistant & Self Extinguishing
  • Corrossion Resistant
  • Weather Proof

GRP Pulturated Ladders with Safety Cages, Hand rails, Platforms profiles are produced by the Pulturation process production. In general, all profiles are reinforced by fibreglass woven roving mats and direct roving fibre. Continuous fiberglass roving in the center absorbs longitudinal forces and loads. Their structure can bear high stress.

Goodwin Profiles is chosen for its mechanical strength, lightness, ease of installation and excellent resistance to fire and corrosion. These profiles allow on-site installation and modification without the need for special tools, no burring, and any painting or earth bonding finishing. Developed to withstand extreme weather conditions, salt water and most chemicals. Excellent fire behavior and self-extinguishing, does not conduct heat and has zero halogen in the case of fire. Resistant to corrosion and contributes to low maintenance costs.

GOODWIN Pulturation Profiles are made of Polyester Resin (Isopathalic Resin or Vinyl ester Resin) system with flame retardant and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor additives. Standard colors are pigmented yellow. An industrial grade polyurethane coating is applied to stringers and rungs especially for outdoor applications. All cut or machined edges are sealed with a compatible resin.

Inner & Outer Layer
C-glass fiber is used so it has excellent non-corrosion property against chemical liquids.

Structural Layer
E-glass / ECR-glass fibre is used and it is supporting woven roving fabric type and direct roving for stability, mechanical and physical stiffness.

External Layer
It protects from aging and deformation originated from environmental factor such as ultraviolet rays.

RTM Molded Products
  • Light Weight & High Strength
  • Electro Magnetic Transperancy
  • UV Resistant & Weather Proof
  • Corrosion Resistant

The GRP molded products are designed and manufactured with low maintenance, low cost and extreme durability in mind. GRP manufacturing by using RTM Process, our range offers ideal solutions for various kind indoor and outdoor usages. The GRP molded products shall have approximately 90% of Resin system in combination with C glass tissue mats (surface veil) internal external surface.

The structural layers of the GRP Planter Boxes shall have approximately 65% - 70% is Resin systems in combination with chopped strand mat (ECR Glass). Our GRP Products forms a protective shield inside and out side area to protect the water and muds. And its offers excellent physical strength and in general much better impact, thermal shock resistance, it has capacity to withstand temperatures up to 80°C.

Our products provides an efficient and cost effective solution, requiring long-term performance in very aggressive and corrosive environments. Constructed from glass re-inforced thermoset resins, and an excellent choice to replace conventional cement, steel and aluminum planter boxes in such aggressive environments.

The versatility achieved through the design allows for a vast array of optional extras that include such items as properties & structural shapes...

Light weight - less density - 20% of steel & 70% of aluminum.

High strength - stronger than structural steel. The use of high strength E-glass roving reinforcement, produces a strong system suitable for safe use on a wide range of spans. Superior dimensional stability.

Thermal insulation - high strength and insulating values.

Corrossion resistance - harsh elements and environments, composites is manufactured using a range of premium grade thermosetting resins. A high resin content of nominally 65%-70% provides long maintenance free performance in corrosive environments.

Electromagnetic transparency - greater frequency freedom of movement for radio waves & microwaves color, Water outlets openings can be design and manufacture based on clients requirements.

COLOR - Our standard finish is smooth & reflective gel-coat, offering excellent chemical and weather resistance in extreme environments. An extensive scope of colors is offered from the BS 4800.

SURFACE – Our GRP Products can additionally have a surface veil to provide an especially resin rich surface. The profiles are UV-resistant and weather proof, and are available as pre-assembled modules.

SMC Sectional Panel Tanks
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Electric Shock Resistant
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy Handling, Installation & Modification

GOODWIN is a company specializing in molding composite material. We focus our operation on water treatment business, taking one step closer to pursuing environment friendly business for better life of human beings. Furthermore, a thorough quality control is being conducted from the import of materials to delivery of products under KAHRAMAA – Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation’s quality warranty system in order to ensure good quality of products.

Based on venture sprit, a large investment has been made in GRP/FRP Composite products manufacturing and supply since our organization established in 2007.We have worked together with government-led research institutions and universities as all researchers have concentrated their efforts on the research to develop new products and composite material.

Our Panel Tanks are designed to satisfy the basic requirements of ideal storage of clean drinking water. The advantage of our Panel Tanks are Long life,Hygienic, Non-Leakage, Stable Construction, Shock Resistant, Easy for Assembly. In addition it also has high endurance capability against cracks resulted by environmental factors. Also they can withstand high temperature beside hygienic advantages. Also besides satisfying all safety requirements such as strength, durability and stability, we are now able to adjust the water tank capacity according to the size and structure of the buildings. These products are solid and have antibacterial coating contrary to ordinary tanks. We have also taken care that these tanks should be rust proof and prevent leakage from the initial stages of designing.

We make all efforts to guarantee higher Hygienic level for our client needs. This is by provision of convenient method for ideal storage of portable & drinking water . Major Consultant’s approval certificates were born by the effort of our continued attempts for customer satisfaction.

SMC Panel tanks can be manufactured with a resin that has been conforming to international standards for drinking water system component with no hazardous Health Effects, which is another major benefit. The process with raw materials offers a significant advantage over steel and concrete tanks.

SMC Panel potable water tank is an integral structure-incorporating interior with a polyester-resin-glass exterior. Steel and concrete storage systems typically use internal linings to meet industry standards for potable water. In order to be effective, these linings require a degree of adhesion that can be difficult to obtain in the manufacturing process and to maintain over the life of the system. When linings are constructed of materials different from the tank materials, the durability of the end product can be Compromised.

Our GRP/SMC insulated panels are manufactured by press bonding GRP onto a range of core materials to produce an infill solution for a refurbishment application. These panels are tailor made to suit individual customer requirements. A combination of thickness can be provided to a wide choice of design configurations. Once the raw materials come out as finished products there is no stop at the production lines. Best quality and price competitiveness are assured. Production systems that can produce uniform and superior products under strict quality control every process.

By utilizing maximum capacity in the basement or other confined areas, it is possible to eliminate unusable space, and utilize the maximum space, by installing a partition type tank. Various uses are present if partition type tanks are installed, one section can be used for drinking water, and the others section for service water (Fire fighting). Easy maintenance: it is convenient for maintenance, because two tanks can be installed as one unit. If tanks for two different uses are needed in a confined area or boiler room, a partition tank can be installed to use half for drinking water, and half for service water. If separate tanks are installed, however, you have to install two tanks, because you need to have one (1) meter distance between tanks for maintenance and operating space... Apply the color as per customer choice.

Electric shock resistant, High endurance capability against cracks resulting by environmental factors., Withstand high temperature beside hygienic advantages. Rust proof Protected with ultra-violet rays., Less permeable to air to protect smells and contaminants from the outside. It will not break down as quickly in sunlight and varied temperatures. Naturally resistant to chemicals and gases keeping your drinking water quality safe & clean. Reflective white color. Anti-bacterial coating. Another clear advantage of GOODWIN tanks is that the flexible design options of GRP Panel tanks make them more easily adaptable to a wide variety of water and wastewater needs.

Hot pressed moulded compound (SMC) at 150° C and 100 Kg pressure per cm² produce a uniform panel of solid homogenous composition. Average serviceable life for panels in normal conditions without maintenance is ± 40 years. Tested for heavy impact, weather, loads, settling and earth quakes. Safety factor of 8 x above maximum anticipated load. Option of pre-insulated panels to avoid the risk of freezing

Convex base panels, with exclusive synthetic rubber sealant, create a self-sealing characteristic, which enhances as water pressure increases. Eliminates painting of the external tank surface, and zero maintenance Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against risk of leakage. Accessible from all sides including bottom for easy visual inspection

Components for a complete tank up to 18m³ may be packed onto a single pallet for efficient transport. Individual panels may be carried to the final assembly point, with no lifting equipment required. Assembly is straightforward, GOODWIN special skills personal assembling easily. The main advantages of partitioned water tanks is that each compartment can be used as separate water tanks, while consuming lesser space than separate tanks.

Safe for potable water storage, rustproof and fight Growth of bacteria. 100% hygienic inside and outside which does not harbor any foreign materials.

GRP panels are 100% opaque and do not permit any light transmission and thereby absolutely no growth of algae or bacteria.

Makes the installation and moving easier.

Quality of materials used in manufacturing the tanks makes them solid, unbreakable & anticorrosive

Water tanks have been manufactured to resist pressure.

The Panel assembly type of makes it possible to install the tank according to the desired capacity and available space with the fruit of excellent strength, durability and minimized tolerance scope. It is also possible to disassemble and reassemble easily.

Designed to withstand the Horizontal seismic intensity to survive the specific oscillation frequency of the earthquake waves with the advantages of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) Panels It is protected from corrosion and rust because stainless and special nylon#11 coated steel are used for the inside part. The outside metal structure is hot dip galvanized.

Standard GRP SMC panels are available in 0.50 X 0.50 Meter, 0.50 X 1.00 Meter, 1.00 X 1.00 Meter & 1.00 X 1.50 Meter sizes. Goodwin Qatar have rights to design the Panel Tanks sizes (Length – Width – Height) and including internal partition upon the clients requirements. Goodwin can design, all tanks what kinds of internal or external support required and its can match with client interest. Goodwin can prepare the design calculation according the client request.

The main body of the panel is a specially designed configuration forming a structure with a minimum of distortion under hydrostatic load. They are designed and developed using finite element analysis. Their performance is field tested and proved. Goodwin has unique range of panels, which offers 900 flanges on all four sides.


  • Tank is made of GRP Hot press Molded Panels.
  • The process is very well studied and the result is a smooth finish.
  • The Panels are joined externally (for side & bottom Panels) by MS Bolts, Nuts & Washers Size
  • M12x50mm and M10x40mm as required. Internally roof Panels are fixed with SS 316 Bolts, Nuts & Washers. At the Joints we use (‘SCAPA’ Brand of UK) – Foam Gasket, this secures the leakage and prevent sun light from entering the Tank.
  • All the panel joints are reinforced with HDG Steel C-Channels.
  • The Tanks are installed on top of a skid base, which is fabricated to the size of Tank.
  • The skid base Metal is sand blasted and painted with Red Oxide and Epoxy Paint.
  • The Steel Skid base is fixed on top of Concrete Support Base, which should be at least 50cm above the finished level.
  • Air Ventilators with Stainless Steel Mosquito Net are provided appropriately. Inspection Manhole cover with Lockable Lid is provided. Inlet, Outlet and drain connection are provided with sizes suitable to plumbing connections.
  • Roof panels are internally supported at the junction by PVC Pipes erected by the help of top and bottom Anchors that are made of GRP SMC material. All four corners of the Tank are supported by GRP “L” Corner Angles made of GRP SMC material.
  • External & Internal Ladders is made of GRP material.
  • The Panels are Fire Retardant as per ASTM E84
  • The body (The floor, walls, & ceiling) of our GRP water tank is made produced SMC by mixing by mixing unsaturated polyester resin with fillers and low profile agents the eco-friendly complex material reinforced with glass fibre, with the oil-hydraulic press at a high temperature over 15010.
  • This water tank can be built right at the field only with the simple assembly of bolts. As it is highly sanitary and easily managed and maintained, it is one of the most widely used water tanks in the world.

Our sectional type panel tanks are hot press molded with GRP Sheet Molding Component (SMC) using 500 tons, 750 tons, 1300 tons & 2000 tons hydraulic press, ensuring high dimensional accuracy of individual panels facilitating easy assembly. SMC (GRP) from renowned suppliers of Europe is used for making the sectional panels. The quality of SMC also conforms to us, (FDA) regulation for storage of mineral and drinking water

Our tanks have been designed and engineered after extensive field-testing and usage of various installations. The tanks are with internal and external reinforcement to meet highest quality requirements of water storage. Static water pressure – The deflection of side panel will be less than 1% of tank height at max. Water level or 20mm maximum for 3 Meter deep tanks.

Maximum water level 90% of the tank height
Seismic load 2/3 G, 1.0G
Water temperature less than 50OC
Water quality Chlorine below 50mg/lit
PH value 6 – 8
Wind pressure Maximum velocity 60 m/s

All nuts and bolts will be stainless steel 316 Grade
The tank is installed on top of concrete base. The base/foundation should be capable of withstanding the total weight of tank with adequate factor of safety as per the local standards.

ASTM D 1435-75 (Re-approved 1979) method was adopted to test the weather ability of the panel material. Flexural strength and flexural modulus are measured in six-month intervals.

The dome shaped bottom panel with a concave drain panel facilitates complete and fast drainage. The concave drain panel has been designed to ensure the periodic cleaning and inspection of tank. The body (the floor, wall & ceiling) of our GRP water tank is made produced SMC by mixing unsaturated polyester resin with fillers and low profile agents. The eco – friendly complex materials are reinforced with glass fiber with the oil hydraulic press at a high temperature over 1500c . This water tank can be built right at the field only with simple assembly of bolts as it is highly sanitary and easily managed and maintained. It is one of the most widely used water tanks in the world.

SAFETY OF FLOOR PANELThe protruding floor panel is the joint because it makes to move water pressure as the level of the water stored in the tank gets higher the water beeswax of the sealing agent also used on the joint gets higher which elevates water tightness to the maximum.

Convex Type: There is no risk for water leak because the floor panel of the GRP tank can heighten water tightness to the maximum

Flat Type: The structure of the water tanks are made of flat floor panels that may loosen the joint and minimize the risk of water leak as it broadens the intervals of water beeswax.

It prevents the reproduction of germs and is highly corrosion- resistant. The panels inside the tank are connected with the stay of stainless materials which allows this GRP water tank to obtain intensity

It prevents the reproduction of germs and is highly corrosion-resistant. It is supported by the external reinforcement FRAME vertically attached to the joint of the side panel the top is fixed with the angle and round bar stay and the bottom is combined and fixed integrally with brackets and bolts.

INTERNAL PARTITION We are one of the leading supplier and Installation Company of GRP / SMC Molding Sectional Panel water MOLDING SECTIONAL PANNEL WATER TANKS WITH COMPARTMENTS. We are applying this facility by constructing partitions inside the water tanks.

The partition wall is made up of GRP/SMC hot pressed panels. The wall is made with panels of varying size mainly are, 1.00Meter x 1.00Meter, 1.00 Meter x ½ meter & ½ Meter x ½ Meter. The weight configuration of panels for the partition wall is same as using for the side wall (so that the partition wall also can withstand the designed hydrostatic pressure). All panels in the partition wall are assembled together with high quality gasket and SS316 Bolts & Nuts. The wall is supported internally with stainless steel supports (double rod system) and the whole tank is supported externally with G I columns and Tie Rods.

Installation space:
about 600mm space in all direction is required as shown at the bottom image for maintenance and installation of tanks. When want to install multiple tanks with different purposes in the confined space of your underground boiler room you keep the installation guideline in mind beforehand which is a required space of 1 meter. The space in the centre is secured for maintenance. So you should install two water tanks with 6-ton capacity each. If you install partition-type water tanks as shown in the picture you can use 16 tons of water with a single water tank - 8 tons for drinking and 8 tons for other purposes. This will reduce your installation cost and also bring easy maintenance.

The panels are designed using the latest Finite Element Methods of Analysis. Computer modeling allows subtle changes to be made in thickness and geometry of panels, such that stresses and deflections are minimized for high factor of safety and good performance of tanks. For instance: Roof and floor panels of the tanks take compressive loads to make them self-sealing and self-draining. Side panels have their central shell portion designed to take tensile loads. In both cases the load is transferred to the flanges.

With GRP materials excellent for heat insulation, urethane with 25mm thickness foamed in for heating and the warming cover attached appropriately for the external condition. The internal temperature of water tanks never change even in extreme or tropical environments. For its excellent heating and insulation properties, there is no freezing or dew formation. Assembly is straightforward, with special skilled personals. Panels shall be factory insulated on the top and sides, using the 25mm thick low-density polyurethane system. Panels to be insulated within a profiled face covering the maximum surface area and to be encapsulated with an external weather skin made from ultraviolet stabilized material providing total protection against weathering. Connections to be fitted on flat insulated panels and all holes shall be sealed with recessed plastic section from the outer surface of the insulation skin to the cistern panel.


  • Styrofoam
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • A Combination of Styrofoam & Polyurethane Foam
  • Phenolic Foam

Due to the wide range of core materials available, products can be made to suit individual customer’s needs. The thickness of core materials measures the rate at which heat is lost through the material. Upon the middle-east countries climatic condition, we are manufacturing 25mm standard thick of the core materials. The ‘U’ value measures the rate at which heat is lost through a material. The lower the ‘U’ value, the lower the amount of heat lost and the lower the amount of energy wasted. ‘U’ values will invariably depend on the core material chosen, but our panels can be manufactured to suit specifications, which requires a ‘U’ value lower than or equal to 0.35 W/m2K.

Other Composites
  • GRP Bridge Panel
  • GRP Cutter
  • GRP Airvent
  • GRP Heavy Duty Solid Cover
  • GRP Planter Pots
  • GRP Custome Design Fanar Miniature
  • GRP Sealing Plates
  • GRP Custom Design
  • GRP Bridge Panel Molds
  • GRP Road Gully Basket
  • GRP Designer Planet Box
  • GRP Fire Extinguisher Stand